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Sustainable Development Group - To address sustainability at all levels.

To address Sustainability at all levels
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Discvover our charter.

discover our charter


Sustainability is no trend word for us. Sustainability is the key driver of the Sustainable Development Group.

Sustainability is dealing with scarce raw materials, optimal production processes, economical energy consumption, investing in human capital, responding to the needs of tomorrow,etc..

A wide range of issues require a solid collaboration to offer multiple solutions. Sustainability is a core belief, it’s why Sustainable Development Group exists. Each company within the Sustainable Development Group offers a partial solution to the extensive road of becoming a sustainable company.

The Sustainable Development Group uses the Sustainable Development Goals as the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The SDG’s of the UN are a worldwide known actionable and measurable way to set specific targets and do the follow up. It helps us to focus and to set the right actions.

By working with the SDG's, we can create progress in the economic, sociological and ecological fields. They are the compass for a future-oriented and sustainable company, known all over the world. It helps us to address sustainability at all levels in a product and production environment.

Our Companies

Discover the 5 companies that subscribed to the Sustainable Development Group charter. By uniting under the Sustainable Development Group, each of these companies can’t only tackle sustainability in their own expertise and benefit from strengthened collaborations to address sustainability at all levels.

  • Step into a greener world with our carbon neutral compounds

    As a manufacturer of sustainable compounds we have always been engaged to participate in the conservation of natural resources and environmental protection throughout our production processes. At Beologic we produce carbon neutral compounds and low carbon compounds.

    Responsible consumption and production Climate Action
    low and carbon neutral compounds
  • Beologic

    Contract engineering for plastics

    Innologic is an engineering company specialized in project work and pilot line set up. We use material science, prototyping & analytical service for sustainable thermoplastics.

    Our vision is to provide you with the most viable alternative for achieving even your most ambitious innovation objectives at every stage in the development process.

    We will help you starting from concept creation to prototype development, internal & external validation, to launch & commercialization

    Engineered materials and lab testing.
  • Climate action challenger for industries. Partner in climate strategy execution

    Neutrologic offers carbon footprinting consultation services. With our cross sectoral expertise and advanced calculations, we can offer a full end to end service for the calculation of your organizational and product carbon footprint. We help organizations in achieving their climate and sustainability objectives.

    Affordable and clean energy Responsible consumption and production Climate Action
    Calculate my carbon footprint
  • Industrial equipment design expert in thermoplastic processing

    Designer & manufacturer of innovative machinery for sustainable thermoplastic processing. Techniks creates the blueprint of customized machines and assures the manufacturing and installment as well.

    Industry, innovation and infrastructure Responsible consumption and production Climate Action
    Sustainable and ecological machinery
  • Beologic

    Get to know what’s going on inside your extrusion tool

    Beotool is a company fully driven by innovation. We serve the extrusion industry and various Research Institutes by designing and optimizing processes, while providing them with the tools to create them. Beotool believes in an open, flexible and fully transparent way of cooperating. This is key to get sustainable tools and to create a dedicated supply, personalized to your needs.

    Responsible consumption and production
    Personalize your extrusion tools

Our charter

The core values represent the essence of the Sustainable Development Group’s identity. They explain the vision of all 5 companies and give an insight in what we believe in, in our principles and philosophy. We don’t settle for less.

  • Future focused

    Icon representing future focused

    Our vision is long term. We couldn’t go for quick wins in the short term without pointing out a long term vision. Together we strive for durability while overseeing the total picture.

  • Evangelist of a sustainable business

    Icon representing Evangelist of a
              sustainable business

    Constantly driven by knowledge, analytics and expertise, we base our solutions on facts and figures. We also use this information to make innovation an ongoing process.

  • No-nonsense mindset

    Icon representing No-nonsense mindset

    Constantly driven by knowledge, analytics and expertise, we base our solutions on facts and figures.

  • Out of the box answers

    Icon representing Out of the box answers

    The impossible made possible. Technical challenges or specific requests are our speciality, while keeping an eye on the most sustainable solution. We might be the only one in for the challenge!

  • Customer focused

    Icon representing Customer focused

    We make, create, research, consult and manufacture for our customers and their specific requests. Together, we find the right balance between materials, processes, manufacturing and support.

  • Fully flexible

    Icon representing Fully flexible

    We know that looking to the future is a process of trial and error. It requires learning, trying, failing and retrying. Adapting is in our nature and we tend to use that to your full advantage.

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